Products Overview

At Navitas-Alpha Renewables, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the solar energy industry by providing cutting-edge products that optimize performance and ensure long-lasting reliability of solar modules. Our product lineup includes two essential components: the Encapsulant and the Backsheet. These components are specifically designed to enhance energy generation, protect against external stresses, and maximize the overall efficiency of solar systems.


Encapsulants are placed on either side of the solar cells. They not only protect the cell but offer high light transmission, UV protection, and are PID-free. Key features of "SUSTAIN" encapsulants include low shrinkage, "orange peel" embossing and high peel strength.


Backsheet increases the longevity of solar modules by protecting inner components from external stresses, as well as providing electrical insulation. Navitas-Alpha Renewables "SHIELD" backsheets offer best-in-class protection increasing the life of the panel.